The Savage Wiener

Newton is getting a new hot dog spot called The Savage Wiener

With a surplus of great places in the Boston area to grab a frankfurter, the competition to be the top dog is fierce. But a new pop-up in Newton Centre with a unique name is hoping their footlong will cut the mustard.

The Savage Wiener, owned by longtime Newton Centre resident Jim Lowenstern, plans to serve a variety of different hot dogs at 827 Beacon St., the home of Sandwich Works.

“Born out of a love for good food, our unique blend of spices coupled with carefully selected toppings make our hot dogs a unique twist on the classic hot dog experience,” Lowenstern wrote on The Savage Wiener’s website. “Our gourmet hot dogs are a nod to old-world craftsmanship, while embracing today’s state-of-the-art smokehouses. Each bite is a one-of-a-kind experience for your tastebuds.”

According to Eater Boston, Lowenstern originally wanted a naming convention built around the concept of an ‘ultimate hot dog,’ but a series of jokes led him to the Savage Wiener moniker, and he’s since embraced the off-color double entendres as part of his branding.

The pop-up will also offer “savage muffin tops,” which are in the pastry category, not the hot dog category, Lowenstern said. He had initially set out to create a concept around the “ultimate hot dog,” but while working with CPA firm Savage, Weiner, & Co. and hearing his in-car phone mispronounce the name, Lowenstern found new inspiration for his hot dog pop-up name.

The Savage Wiener officially opened for business with a launch party Thursday night, and more details about hours of operation going forward will be coming soon.