The Savage Wiener the ultimate gourmet hot dog

Haute Cuisine Hot Dog Company Cooks Up A Chef Challenge!


We want YOU to create your own recipe using The Savage Wiener’s Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs.

The Savage Wiener was born out of a love of good food, our dogs nod to old world craftsmanship while embracing today’s state-of-the art smokehouse techniques. Our unique blend of spices coupled with our carefully designed toppings make our tasty dogs a one of a kind twist on a good experience. Now we want you utilize your culinary skills to add your twist to this gourmet steak hot dog.

We will be posting all entrees on our social media and website. We want to pair the ultimate gourmet hot dog with the ultimate gourmet chefs.

4 Pack costs $25 with shipping included. All entries will be posted on our blog and shared to all social media platforms. You can submit all entries to and by tagging @thesavagewiener on Instagram! 

You can click here to visit the online store here to order your hot dogs today!


Above, The Hangover Pub in Worcester, Mass Executive Chef Michael Arrastia turned took The Savage Wiener and turned it into some seriously savage sushi. Thinly sliced tempura fried Savage Wiener, Sticky Rice, Tare, Nori, Spicy Sriracha Aioli, and a Poached Egg in the center. Below, A twist on a breakfast favorite with Hot Brown Savage Benedict. Poached Eggs, Thin Sliced and Grilled Savage Wiener, Bacon Mornay Brûlée, Tomato, served on Texas Toast. You can visit their website at for more delicious creations and follow them on social media @thehangoverpub.



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