Born out of a love of good food, our dogs nod to old world craftsmanship while embracing today’s state-of-the art smokehouse techniques.

You’ve never tasted anything like this before.

The Savage Wiener Team Is On Holiday September 23rd Until October 4th. Shipments Will Resume On October 9th.  

The Classic

What People Say

“Perhaps the best dog I have ever tasted…proprietary blend of meat and spices. A beautiful dog for the connoisseur. A dog to be appreciated by someone who appreciates the best. A dog, so good, it would win the Westminster dog show. Do yourself a favor. (no, I am not related to the owners, who by the way are real nice people and deserve the business)” -Ira S.

What People Say

“Hot Dogs are huge, juicy and perfectly grilled. Particularly recommend the vegetable version with a slaw of kale, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and red cabbage… delicious!!” Wilda S.

What People Say

“Food was very good. The casings snap nicely. Dogs are big enough that 1 is plenty. My wife could only eat 1/2 of a plate. Now we know this sandwich shop in Newton Centre exists. We will be back.” -Steven M.