How to Grill the Perfect Savage Wiener Steak Dog

Alright, let's get right to it. You came for the perfect dog and by Dog we're going to make it happen. So, you've got your Savage Wiener gourmet steak dogs. What's next?

1) Thaw Your Dogs

When you're cooking proteins, you want to make sure they're room temperature before getting into it.

Hot dogs usually stay good for ages in the fridge, but if you keep them in the freezer there's an easy fix; just toss them into the fridge overnight. When you're ready to grill them, take them out and wait until they reach room temp. This ensures they'll taste their best, and will cook evenly

2) Preheat Your Grill Like a Pro.

Our favorite way to grill is with charcoal. The method is kind of tedious, yea, but the taste makes it worth it.

            Charcoal Grill: Wait until the coals are all greyed out with ash. Once ready, spread them evenly across the bottom of the grill and replace the grate. If you think you'll need a few more coals, we suggest giving them some time to burn because, yes, they are made with lighter fluid and WILL make your food taste like gasoline.

            Gas Grill: Preheat it to the max temp setting, let it sit, then turn the heat to medium before you put the dogs on.

            Stovetop: Just commit your crimes against humanity however you want, heathen. 

 3) Give Your Dogs the Grunge-Jeans-Treatment

Make some slits in your dogs before you grill them. This opens up more surface area to give a crispier dog, or to, like, make those little octopus dogs for the kids. We're canonically do 4 or 5. We'd strongly suggest against doing one big slit down the middle since it'll dry it out!

4) Shoot for an Even Char

Grill each dog for about 2-3min per side, assuming there are two sides. Any longer than this and you might as well grind it up and use it as confetti to celebrate your failure. If the dog is looking ~thicc~ and juicy, it's ready. Char is a matter of preference, but, however dark you want it, an even char all around is the mark of a master.

A note from our friends over at MensHealth: If you're cooking grass-fed beef franks, these doggies have less fat, which means they'll have less protection against the heat of the flame. Cook grass-fed hot dogs about a minute less per side in order to prevent dreaded dry-dog. While cooking a Savage Wiener, you'll want to lean closer to the 2 minute mark than the 3.

5) Butter

Add butter then remove the dogs from heat after a few seconds. Use garlic butter if you're a champion. Go with your heart on this one, but remember, enough butter will stop that heart in its tracks.

If you care about your cardiac health and/or future, then our dogs are delicious as they are, and brushing the buns with butter is plenty. Then, of course, we toast said buns to our heart's desire. 

6) Toppings!

Go nuts. Our favorite is just the right amount of mustard. Simple, but brings out all the flavor. You can go crazy, brazy, or lazy with your creation. This is your time to shine and customize your dog to perfection. So, what nonsense will you add?

Well, it's time to capitalize on that idea and craft the perfect Savage Wiener! You can visit our friends over at Sandwich Works in Newton for topping ideas, or let your imagination run free! Whatever floats your goat. You can pick up your Savage Wieners over at our shop and get to grilling!