Recipe 13. Tornado Hot Dog Sausages

😋Tornado Hot Dog Sausages😋

Are you hungry yet after seeing our frontpage photo? Similar to our recipe 1, this is a spiral hot dog without buns. Ready for something to amaze your friends and family? Follow these steps and start cooking now!

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Step 1: 

Cut the hot dogs in half.

Put a skewer through the center of the hot dog.

Take out a sharp knife, sit on the skewer at an angle like this and slowly start rotating the sausage.

Stretch the hot dog out along the skewer.

Step 2: 

Take out some ready-made pancake mix and tipping it into a bowl. (You can make your own if you want.)

Add a small amount of water to mix it into a bread-like dough.

Take a small piece of the dough and roll it into a long, thin dough.

Step 3: 

Carefully wrap the dough in between the room in the sausage all the way down the skewer to the other end.

Step 4: 

Heat up some oil in a pan about 0.4 inches deep.

Carefully place in the twisters, then let them sit and cook for 1min.

Prepare some dipping sauce while you wait.

Turn over you twisters to cook the other side. (Do be careful not to burn yourself from the hot oil.)

Leave them to sit also for 1min and make sure they are nicely cooked all the way around.

Resources from DaveHax Youtube Channel.