Savage Secrets: Why You Should Butterfly Your Hot Dogs


butterflied hot dogs


There's nothing quite like a hot dog that is just a tad overcooked. And any self respecting hot dog aficionado knows that grilling is the right way to get the job done. The minor scorching of a hot dogs adds an extra level of flavor that is deeply savory and a little smoky *chef's kiss*. 

But when it comes down to it, the outside of the hot dog is pretty limited real estate. This is where "butterflying" comes in, a technique that increases the amount of surface area that’s exposed to fire and smoke. Butterflying is the process of splitting a piece of meat down the middle but not all the way through, then opening it like a book and flattening it into a single layer. With two clear sides, a butterflied cut is much easier to cook, requiring just one flip for even browning rather than a bunch of smaller turns.

Applying the method to a hot dog means cutting a slit down the length of the link to open and flatten into one piece, creating a wider and more even canvas for blistering and grill marks. I like to press butterflied Savage Wieners cut-side down onto the grill to connect as much of the flat surface against the grates as possible, maximizing char before flipping.

But make no mistake, the extra char isn't the only reason we butterfly. The real magic happens with you use that handy new slit to load up on toppings. This style is just as versatile as your normal frank when it comes to flavors, but it has a tendency to hold onto those extra special toppings a bit better, which can really allow you to dive into an experimental phase.