The Savage Wiener™ Comedy Thing #1 - Matthew Broussard

The Savage Wiener™ Comedy Thing #1 🎩

Comedy is the professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches intended to make an audience laugh( Oxford Dictionary).  There are a lot of new and unknown comedians that are bringing a fresh wave of comedic fun to us all!  

Happiness deserves to be shared!  The Savage Wiener™ not only delivers great food, but also strives to deliver the culture of social fun.  Starting today, we will have a new comic clip updated on our website ( every week. 

Can't wait to watch the show? Here is our first comic of the week, Matthew Broussard.

* The next comic of the week could be you! If you are a comic, and if you want your material to be included on "The Savage Wiener Comedy™ Thing" please email your video link to us at:  We will take it from there!!!