The Savage Wiener™ Comedy Thing #3 -Michelle Wolf

The Savage Wiener™ Comedy Thing #3 🎩

Our comic of this week is Michelle Wolf. She is a great comedian who "has the ability to cover familiar comedic ground—the election, menstruation, cultural and societal struggles between men and women—without ever feeling trite or hackneyed", according to Paste Magazine.

You must have seen or at least be familiar with her debut HBO special, Nice Lady. Today, we would like to share one of her stand-up talk clip with you. Wish you enjoy the show and don't forget to grab some Savage Wieners!

 * The next comic of the week could be you! If you are a comic, and if you want your material to be included in "The Savage Wiener Comedy™ Thing" please email your video link to us at  We will take it from there!!!