The Savage Wiener™ Saturday🎉🎉

JUST SHOW UP TO GET $5 OFF Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs !! 🌭️🌭️🌭️

Attention Hot Dogs Lovers!! 

Our 1st Savage Wiener Saturday is coming on Nov 18 (this Saturday)!! 🎉🎉
One day only from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. 
Everyone is getting $5 off on our World Famous Delicious Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs!
*Please note that this is Only Valid for the Savage Wiener Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs.
*Promotion only available at Sandwich Works, 827 Beacon St, Newton Centre MA on Nov 18th.
Want to enjoy this delicious food? Come to meet us!!

- The Savage Wiener™ Team

We are committed to bringing delicious, and traditional beef hot dogs all over the country. Shipping a range of packages, from the 16-wiener pack to the Wicked Huge Party Pack™. We are here for any occasion. Delivered straight to your doorstep!