Terms and Conditions

Please read important shipping information below before ordering to ensure items arrive in optimal condition. Items are sent at your own risk!



1.  You should only purchase this product if you are 100% certain that you are willing to accept the risk of the item arriving in a thawed condition. 

2. This item is perishable and it will be shipped with Ice Bags in a Cold Box Shipper. All items are shipped USPS Priority. On arrival some items may arrive completely thawed.  Do understand that all of our products are pre-cooked and vacuumed sealed.

3. Refrigerated/frozen items are shipped Monday through Wednesday unless you are in a 1-day ship range.

4.  If you have cold items in your order and if you will NOT be home to receive the items at the time of delivery, we STRONGLY suggest having the order shipped to your work location, or, to a family member/friend/neighbor who can take the items in and put them into proper cold storage immediately on arrival.  We are not responsible for items that are too thawed if they're delivered early and not received until later in the evening, so please plan your delivery accordingly so that your order will not spend the day sitting on a porch on in a hallway where it will continue to thaw for many hours.

5. We do not ship to PO Box addresses.

6. These items will only be shipped inside the continental USA, as delivery outside the USA normally takes too long to ensure proper freshness. If you wish to ship this item outside the USA, please email us at info@thesavagewiener.com to discuss expedited shipping options.

7. Please do not be alarmed if items arrive in a state of thawing (which may happen if your area is quite warm at the time of delivery).  Items may begin to warm up on the 2nd day in transit if they are transported in warm trucks or are being delivered to hot areas.  With the cold packs and the cold shipper box the items will only warm up for a short period at most and will stay cool for the bulk of the journey to you.

8. By clicking the check box to confirm you have read our policies, you accept all risk in shipping this item to you.

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